This was my first Mindful Balance retreat and it was amazing!!!! It was fantastically well organized, the accommodations were special, Alisha’s energy was incredible, and the week was very moving! I was even able to make significant headway on drafting my personal purpose and the rewrite of my personal narrative. For anyone considering attending a Mindful Balance retreat... all I could say is yes!
— Kevin H
My life has completely been enriched ... richness in such a way that no one can take away from me. The journey I took spiritually is beyond words. The friends I made these past 2 retreats will forever be. I am so blessed to be part of this beautiful community that Mindful Balance has started. Its like being with family .. people love you for what u are ..
— Lorely San Pedro
Alisha’s yoga retreats are very organized and balanced. There were many opportunities to relax along with multiple planned excursions that participants could choose if they wished. Alisha is an excellent yoga teacher who is caring, personable, and fun. I will definitely attend another retreat in the future.
— Chris Jenkins
I had the pleasure of experiencing my first Mindful Balance Retreat with Alisha in Bali, Indonesia. It was the first time I went on a trip by myself and didn’t know anyone. Alisha organized everything so well and helped me to find a ride up to LAX from San Diego with other people who were going on the trip. She even helped us find a driver who brought us there for a very reasonable price and picked us up from LAX. The accommodation was amazing. Desi Seni Village was the most peaceful, beautiful, lush grounds. All of the Balinese workers there knew your name and said hello as you walked by. They were all so friendly. The restaurant was great. Our family style breakfast every morning after yoga was always the highlight of my day being around all my new yogi friends and getting to know everyone better. The yoga classes were so great. Alisha is such a great yoga instructor and I loved our Vinyasa flow everyday. The services at Desi Seni were top notch. Everyday, I received a treatment from a skilled therapist including massages, chakra healing, reflexology, body wraps, acupuncture, etc. The treatments were very affordable! Our little villa was the most beautiful little home with an outdoor area for our bathroom and shower. I got to take showers with rain falling down around me some days and it was magical! I cant possibly say enough amazing words to describe how wonderful, peaceful and relaxing this yoga retreat experience was. I would definetly go on another retreat with Mindful Balance Retreats as it was one of the most life altering experiences of my life. Thank you Alisha for putting together the trip of a lifetime.
— Andrea Mustachio
The yoga retreat to Bali was magical! Alisha’s yoga classes in the morning were a great way to start the day and the open-air yoga studio made the experience even better. You could hear the birds chirping and feel the sunshine on your face. The retreat center was beautiful and the experience was once in a lifetime! Alisha really provided the peace of mind that I was hoping for when traveling so far from home. Can’t wait for the next Minfdul Balance retreat!!
— Katie Innes
Thank you Alisha for the knowledge you’ve shared, the yoga you’ve taught me and last but not least your beautiful heart you have shared with me and with so many others.
— Shawna Finelli

I spent a week at the Mindful Balance Kauai retreat in 2013 and was blown away by the amazing experience. Alisha is very welcoming and makes every guest feel comfortable no matter their level of yoga experience. I got to meet new people and had such a rewarding experience, transforming my mind and body. There were many opportunities for planned group excursions and free time. I would recommend a Mindful Balance retreat for anybody who wants to experience yoga in a unique locale among happy, adventurous people.
— Meghan Meyer

Last November, I had the privilege of joining a great group of people in Costa Rica for my first yoga retreat. Everything was coordinated and planned thoroughly, from the daily meals to the exciting group activities. Even during our yoga practices, she was always encouraging and guiding us in a way that we could understand and follow. On group trips you never know what to expect because of the varied ages and experience levels, but I could not have asked for a more enjoyable, inclusive, and stress-free experience. From the time I arrived in Costa Rica until the last day of the trip, Alisha made everything as simple as possible. Considering she was both trip coordinator and yoga instructor, during the entire retreat, she did an AMAZING job!! She was extremely considerate, organized and she made this experience one that I’m still talking about with people I meet. I conquered some fears, made some lifelong friends, and learned some things about myself that I probably would never have outside of this trip. I definitely want to do a retreat like this again and, most especially with her at the helm!
— Faith Burke

Alisha’s retreats showed me how amazing, fun, and relaxing vacations can be. I’ve been on two (Kauai and Costa Rica) and am eagerly anticipating my next one with her in Bali. She chooses beautiful locations that are peaceful and authentic to the local culture. They may take longer to get to, but are well worth the travel! She finds fantastic places for us to stay in that are simple, but comfortable and charming. I love the balance of organized activities (always optional) and free time to relax. Her yoga classes are wonderful and the perfect way to start a relaxed pace for the day. I love that I know that from the time I step off the plane to the time I leave, I will be in good hands and not have to worry about a thing thanks to Alisha’s careful research, thought, and planning. These are trips you won’t regret and will continue to remember and value for the rest of your life.
— Anna Leavitt

At a time when I felt a yearning to make changes in my life and find balance, I’m grateful to have crossed paths with Alisha. I began taking yoga classes with Alisha though an employee health program offered at work and then went on a retreat through her Mindful Balance program. Alisha’s approach provided an easy and adaptable transition into all aspects of the program (cleanse/diet, meditation, and yoga practice) that have been sustainable long after the program was complete. The results have left me with a greater sense of self-awareness, strength, energy and peacefulness both inside and out. Overall, Alisha’s knowledge and methodology in approaching health and wellness has provided me with the necessary foundation to live my life in what truly is a mindful balance.
— Laurie Winters

Alisha brings a breath of fresh air into the lives of those she spends time with. Even as a friend of hers, I have found myself desiring to change my lifestyle. As a mother of three, I realize the importance of an active healthy lifestyle in order to be there for my kids later in life, as well as, help share one with them. Alisha is calm, gentle, and knowledgeable with her suggestions as to the changes you can make to achieve this. This makes you feel motivated and not pushed. I have truly appreciated this, and can say that she has shown me that there is a natural healthy lifestyle out there. One particular example of how she changed my way of thinking was on a vacation. We were in Hawaii, and we had such an active way of exploring the island that I came home almost 10 pounds lighter! That is simply unheard of when you are on vacation! She is a go-getter, but does it in a way that is very natural, and gentle.
— Kiersten Martinez

Yoga practice with Alisha inhabits both a physical and spiritual plane. Alisha brings a sense of quiet and grace to her instruction, imparts a feeling of self-worth and value, and instills hope that you will reach a higher path of accomplishment whatever your starting level. Alisha is a truly wonderful practitioner and guru in every sense.
— Pamela Barsam Brown