Frequently Asked Questions

What should I pack?

  • Breathable yoga-pants and tops

  • Swimsuits (the warm inviting waters allow you to leave that wetsuit at home!)

  • Sunscreen and Bug-repellent *natural is best to protect your skin and the ocean

  • Sandals and Shoes (there are untouched trails that make perfect hikes and adventure tours)

  • Camera & Chargers so you can keep these memories fresh

  • Journal and a good book

  • Any travel goodies, prescriptions or specific requirements you may have

                                                          Visit the MBR Blog for an entire post on this topic

Where to Fly Into & Travel Info 

You will fly into Puerta Vallarta, airport code - PVR.

We recommend to all guests to fly into Puerta Vallarta arrive by 3pm for a prompt retreat start, also ensuring your space on the 90 minute shuttle from Puerta Vallarta to Mar de Jade.  Van service will be organized and guests will be responsible for payment, which can ONLY be made in cash directly to the driver, the rates are one-way and as follows: 1 person=$100, 2 ppl= $50/each, 3 ppl= $40/each, 4 ppl= $35/each, 5 ppl= $30/each, 6 ppl = $25/each, 7 ppl =$22/each, 8-10 ppl= $20/each



Mar  de Jade  is located  in the small  bay of Chacala,  in the state of Nayarit,  on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.  We are 90 minutes north of the popular  tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta and  3 hours Southwest of the Guadalajara.

Mar de Jade is situated on the most pristine bay on the Riviera Nayarit, with golden sand, coconut trees, and palapa (thatched-roof) restaurants along the shore, surrounded by tropical jungle mountainsides. Home to approximately 400 residents, the town’s unhurried lifestyle is complemented by the welcoming and friendly attitude of locals.


As Chacala is located in the Tropic of Cancer, the weather and vegetation is tropical with warm ocean water suitable for swimming year-round. The dry season is from November through May; days are usually warm (around 80 F.), with cooler mornings and evenings in the winter months (around 65-70 F). The rainy season is from mid-June through October with day temperatures in the low 90s F and night temperatures in the high 70s or 80s F. It usually rains during the evening hours and is sunny in the day. During this season it’s hotter, more humid and there are more mosquitoes and other bugs. Check the weather forecast here.

ARE THERE INSECTS?                    

We are in the very fertile tropics. All forms of life thrive! Expect a variety of bugs here: beautiful, ugly, annoying, harmless, phosphorescent. Mosquitoes and gnats mainly come out during rainy season, and sand fleas during the winter. We recommend that guests who are sensitive to bug-bites bring insect repellent. We have not had any reported cases of Zika or other dangerous mosquito-spread diseases. We also have spiders, but not of the poisonous variety. They actually help control the insect population.

IS IT SAFE TO VISIT THIS AREA OF MEXICO?                                    

We appreciate your concern for safety in Mexico. Although we understand that drug related violence has been extensively reported in the U.S. press, we want you to know that it is mostly confined to the border with the United States and a few cities within the areas of drug production. The entire coastline between Puerto Vallarta and Chacala is extremely safe and continues to receive millions of visitors each year. Local and state law enforcement are closely monitoring and ensuring safety in this area which relies on tourism as the most important sector of the economy (and second largest in Mexico). Chacala is a small fishing town where visitors and residents alike feel safe to walk any time during the day or night. Children and families play in the area without fear. For a comparison you might think of going to Big Sur or Lake Tahoe and wondering if violence in Los Angeles is something about which to be concerned. We have never had a guest or known of a tourist in our area have any safety issues related to violence in the last three decades we have been open. If you have any other doubts or specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  

DO I NEED VACCINATIONS?                                                          

When travelling to Mexico you do not need special vaccinations and you do not have to worry about infectious disease or Malaria in this part of the country. However, we always recommend speaking to your healthcare provider prior to travelling anywhere.

DO I NEED INSURANCE?                                                        

We always recommend insurance coverage during your vacation.         


In the event of an emergency, guests can be reached at the following number +52 (327) 219-4000. Please do not provide relatives with our US 1800 number as this is a reservation line and we are unable to transfer the call to guests.


 Immigration regulations require that you have a valid passport for travel to Mexico. If you have a US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand or European passport you will be granted a tourist visa once you arrive in Mexico and pass through customs. If your passport is from another country please check for any other visa requirements. Most tourist visas are issued for 30 or 90 days, however you can ask the immigration officer to make it for up to 180 days if you plan to stay longer in Mexico. Keep you tourist visa in a safe place, as you will need it upon exiting Mexico. If you lose your tourist visa you need to be at the airport 4 hours before your flight on your departure day and pay a $30 USD fine.

Can I arrive early or stay later than the retreat?

Yes, if there is availability. Contact us and let us know when you want to arrive or leave, and we’ll be happy to assist you in making arrangements that best suit your vacation.


No need to be intimidated. Everyone has to start somewhere and we provide a comfortable, supportive environment where you can feel safe trying out yoga. There are many other activities at the resort and in the area that will make your trip well worthwhile.


Often there are professional photographers in the group that are paid for this service, let us know if this is something you’d like to take advantage of during your stay and we will do our best to accommodate


All  rooms  have private  bathrooms, natural  bath amenities, hot  water, in-room safe, mosquito  screen windows/doors and ceiling  fans.

Do the rooms have air conditioning?

Ocean  and Garden  rooms have air  conditioning.

Is the resort accessible to those with disabilities?

Mar de Jade is not fully handicap accessible as there are areas on the property where steps are unavoidable. However, it is possible to access most public areas and a few ground floor rooms via ramps. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.minute for calls within Mexico to landlines. You may charge calls to your room. If you have a phone card with a 01-800 number for dialing from Mexico you may use it at this phone.

Do you have phones/TV?

As part of Mar de Jade’s philosophy, none of our rooms have telephones or TVs. There is a phone close to the Front Desk for guest use, the rate is 50 cents per minute for calls to the US and Canada and 25 cents per

There is full cellphone service provided by Telcel (the largest Mexican cell phone company). US companies that have roaming agreements with Telcel will usually get coverage, check with your provider for coverage and rates.

Do you have internet?

Free WiFi is available in the main dining room, guest lounge and bar area, there is no WiFi in the rooms. Please bring your own device as we do not provide computers, we are happy to print boarding passes at the front desk for guests.

Please note that because we are in a rural location, the internet connection can often be slow or without a signal. We encourage guests to unplug during their stay and enjoy the surrounding natural beauty!

Are the electrical outlets the same as North America? Do I need to bring an adapter?

No, you will not need an adapter if you are travelling from North America, as electrical outlets are North American.

What currency should I bring and how much? Is there an ATM or Bank close by?

Airport transportation and excursions can be paid in US dollars and almost everyone accepts dollars in Mexico. So you do not need to exchange too much money, save for shopping at the marketplace or buying things in Chacala. We recommend changing at most $50 – $100 USD for a week’s stay, this can be done at the airport, with the rest of your cash brought in US dollars. We cannot exchange currency at Mar de Jade (only official exchange places can do this).

There are no banks or ATMs in Chacala, the closest is in Las Varas about 15 minute taxi ride inland. We highly suggest you bring extra cash with you or use the ATM at the airport when you arrive. There is also an ATM and bank in La Peñita (about 30 min.) where there is a Thursday market. Most ATMS will give you cash in Mexican Pesos.

Do I need vaccinations? Do I need to worry about Malaria?

When travelling to Mexico you do not need special vaccinations and you do not have to worry about infectious disease or Malaria in this part of the country. However, we always recommend speaking to your healthcare provider prior to travelling anywhere.

Is the water drinkable?

Hygienic food preparation measures are closely followed by Mar de Jade staff. Our kitchen triple washes and disinfects all fresh produce and we cook with purified water. Purified drinking water is provided for free to every guest and is readily available. All ice used in the kitchen and the bar is made from purified water.

Do I need insurance?

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for international retreats, this must be purchased within 2 weeks of booking your flight. We recommend Travel Guard -Gold (protect assist) w/cancel for any reason, speak with an agent and they will be happy to explain your choices. 

Do you offer Room Service?

We do not offer room service, and kindly ask that no food is enjoyed inside of the rooms. (keep those pesky ants away!) We do however we do offer a full breakfast, lunch and dinner service, along with a snack menu and a delicious selection of smoothies and juices to purchase during your stay.

Do you offer alcohol on the property?

Yes, we have a variety of beer/wine and deliciously fresh cocktails available for purchase in our onsite restaurant.

Can you accommodate my dietary restrictions?

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your stay with us, and that includes dining experiences. Please contact us prior to arrival so we can best accommodate your needs.

Does the staff speak English?

The majority of the staff speaks English. This is also a great opportunity to test out your Spanish if you wish!

If I want to tip the staff, how should I do so?

Our hardworking staff always appreciate knowing they’ve helped make your vacation that much more special. If you wish to leave a tip, you can do so at check out and leave it with management so it can be distributed evenly.

Are children allowed at the resort?

Yes! We are a family friendly place, all ages welcome. We host families mainly during holidays or family specific retreats. There are several children who live at Mar de Jade or come with the staff.               

IS CHILDCARE AVAILABLE?                                                                                 

Childcare can be arranged with reliable local women, most of whom speak only Spanish or limited English. The cost is $10 per hour for one child. Families with two children will pay $15 per hour and those with three, $20 per hour. Please let us know in advance about childcare needs.

Do you have a swimming pool?

We have a beautiful pool directly in front of the ocean 

Our Payment Policy can be found here