It has become increasingly more common for people to vacation in areas of the world where they can directly contribute to the conservation of the land and help preserve the sensitive ecology that is being threatened by humanity’s destructive ways.


Our destination for the “Touching the Emptiness” retreat is the Costa Dulce Eco-Resort and Retreat Center, which is nestled between the jungle and a sea turtle hatchery at Playa Escameca Grande beach, near San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Costa Dulce’s core mission is to positively contribute to our collective social and environmental well being. By simply enjoying the beauty of the Costa Dulce Eco-Resort you will help them succeed with their many community and environmental initiatives!



As a beach resort and an eco-lodge it comes naturally to focus on protecting the ocean. Costa Dulce has a successful partnership with Vital Action Project that supports the sea turtle hatchery right in front of the hotel. In their first year of operation, 10,000 baby turtles were successfully released into the ocean. Regular beach clean ups also take place, with the intention of keeping the beach in it’s beautiful natural state.


It has always been a challenge to get a complete education in rural Nicaragua. It is no different in the Playa Escameca area. Without a local high school, the drop out rate is an astounding 95%! Many kids need to take a bus to San Juan del Sur to complete high school. This is beyond the economic means of many families. Costa Dulce has partnered with Barrio Planta Project on the Escamequita Project. The Escamequita Project will eventually be a school/community center for the town of Escamequita (closest town to Costa Dulce).





In an effort to maintain our spiritual connections with all of our planet’s inhabitants, the “Touching the Emptiness” retreat led by Jack Greene offers an opportunity to explore, conserve and play.


We will enjoy a week of relaxation and connection through yoga and other movement traditions, meditation and breathwork and plenty of time to play in nature. In addition to our group practices and activities, there will be ample free time to explore the Playa Escameca area through jungle/waterfall hikes, SUP adventures in a nearby river, visiting the turtle hatchery, horseback riding, and of course surfing!

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Costa Dulce Eco-Resort offers the perfect blend of natural living and rustic luxury, providing much needed relaxation, tranquility and ultimately, emptiness.

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Join us this December 8-15, 2018 as we seek to discover who we really are underneath it all, the vast peaceful emptiness within. “Touching the Emptiness – Becoming Who We Really Are” is calling you…will you answer?


$500 deposits are being accepted now to secure your space.




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