“When I think of the word retreat, I think of cultivating an opportunity to drop further into myself for exploration and contemplation, as well as an opportunity to connect with like minded souls.” Erika Lee


There are times in our lives when we crave time in solitude. Maybe we find a little cabin in the woods with no internet and no company other than the forest creatures. There are huge benefits to this type of practice. However, I believe that connection is what brings about true healing and transformation. My partner and I have led retreats here in the US as well as in Bali and Peru. We have experienced wonderful traditions from other countries, taken our students to spiritual sites, and spent a great deal of time being tourists in addition to our holistic practices. We absolutely love to travel, so of course we enjoy this immensely. However, as we go a little deeper into our understanding of holistic care and maintenance, we feel that with all that fun and sight seeing, a fundamental piece is missing. The missing piece is true connection to ones self and the community of friends that we share the retreat with. When you visit a foreign land, you want to explore and we will continue to offer that experience. But in addition to that, we have decided to offer stateside retreats that focus more on staying internal rather than external. This is exactly why we have chosen the spiritual and healing vibration of Ojai, Ca. We really wanted to offer our clients an immersion into health, healing, and connection. Although we will enjoy a few outings for hiking and visiting a beautiful healing natural spring, the idea of the retreat is to relax and just be. The location is simply amazing and surrounded by the grounding energy of the mountains. With morning and evening Yoga and Qi Gong offerings, your muscles and bones will be nourished. The delicious vegetarian meals prepared with love and care will nourish you from the inside out. Our times of connection through healing circles, sharing, and meditation will nourish your soul. And for those of you that long for a deeper understanding of healing in the form or Reiki, you will have an opportunity to attend a level one and two training, while other offerings will be available simultaneously. The Reiki training is honestly recommended for everyone as it is a way to learn more about yourself and universal energy. We are combining both levels for the very affordable price of one. In the midst of a planned schedule there will also be plenty of time for you to journal, meditate, hike, soak in the hot tub, and simply enjoy being in nature.

 We live in a very busy and somewhat unstable time. Join us in Ojai so that when you pack your bags to go home, you have your own stable center inside of you, regardless what goes on in the world around you. You will know your truth and who you are, and that is how you create true body and soul integration. We look forward to taking this journey with each of you!


Erika and Dragan