Did you know that there are a few special places in the world where people live dramatically longer and healthier lives than people from surrounding communities? The five communities with the healthiest and longest-living members are known as “Blue Zones.” In these lands of longevity, it's common to find not one, but several centenarians. 

At Mindful Balance Retreats, we spend time every year at one of these incredible places: Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Tap into the life-giving powers of this Blue Zone. Perhaps you'll discover something that leads you to live a longer and happier life when you're there. 

Why go to Santa Teresa with us

So much of a retreat is in the logistics, and nothing counteracts a trip geared toward health and longevity like stress. We have plenty of experience with this locale, so you can put your mind at ease. Mindful Balance Retreats gets you to and from the airport, and for some we'll spend one evening in San Jose. From there, we'll head to Santa Teresa, on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. 

Santa Teresa is well suited for retreats. This quaint town is a favorite among surfers and yogis. It's far enough off the beaten path to be serene, but it still offers you plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure.

You are what you eat

We’ll make sure you stay hydrated with unlimited filtered water for the duration of your retreat. Enjoy a delicious breakfast every morning, and Costa Rican dinners every night. A local chef will ensure that you get plenty of chances to try authentic Costa Rican cuisine. Since we're focused on wellness, you know it'll not only be good, but it'll also be good for you.



Build habits for a longer and healthier life



Start every day off on the right foot with a sunrise meditation and morning yoga practice. You’ll not only deepen your practice, but you’ll catch a glimpse of why this place is a real-life fountain of youth. Take the nutrients of your practice into the rest of your day. You'll be primed for relaxation or adventuring. Catch some waves, sunbathe, or take a dip in the infinity pool. Set your intention, and feel your worries melt away. 

Make the most of your time with optional excursions



Depending on your intentions for this retreat, you may wish to embark on some adventures beyond what's included in the itinerary. Add a few optional excursions to your trip so that you can get the full experience of the beautiful undisturbed coastline and the lush jungle.

You really can choose your own adventure

Whether you want to spend your time relaxing in a hammock, meditating, ziplining through the jungle, surfing, or exploring town, Santa Teresa is sure not to disappoint. Hiking waterfalls, enjoying a sunset, and gazing at the stars are a few of the ways that you can spend your days.

Check out the video to see some of the adventures that previous retreat participants have had. Imagine yourself in Santa Teresa. Maybe you're relaxing on a white sandy beach or taking a trip through the jungle on an ATV. Whatever you choose for your reality to be, a retreat in this Blue Zone is an unforgettable experience. 


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